About Us

The Seattle Swing Dance Club (SSDC) was founded in 1965 as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to preserve, perfect, progress, and promote the enjoyment of the West Coast style of swing dance.

SSDC Board of Directors
Executive Members
President Scot McKay president@seattlewcswing.org
Vice President Diane Lane vicepresident@seattlewcswing.org
Treasurer Karen Zinski treasurer@seattlewcswing.org
Secretary Trula Schafer secretary@seattlewcswing.org
Members at Large
Kay Tilton kay@seattlewcswing.org
Chris Yeckley chrisy@seattlewcswing.org
Karen Sarafin karens@seattlewcswing.org
Angela Baker angela@seattlewcswing.org
Hareesh Kapoor hareesh@seattlewcswing.org
John Quarto john@seattlewcswing.org
Joshua Messina joshua@seattlewcswing.org
 Lori Schultz lori@seattlewcswing.org
Committees and Other Contacts:
Board (all Board members) board@seattlewcswing.org
Competitions Committee competitionscommittee@seattlewcswing.org
Dances Committee dancescommittee@seattlewcswing.org
Education Committee educationcommittee@seattlewcswing.org
Website / IT Committee itc@seattlewcswing.org
Membership Committee membershipcommittee@seattlewcswing.org
Publicity /Marketing Committee publicitycommittee@seattlewcswing.org
Convention Tickets conventiontickets@seattlewcswing.org
Newcomer’s Event newcomer@seattlewcswing.org
The Pulse (our newsletter) thepulse@seattlewcswing.org
Seattle’s Easter Swing – our annual dance convention
Event Director Pat Garett,
Andy Vanosdale,
Kevin Wright
SES website http://easterswing.org/
Seattle Swing Dance Club By-Laws

Our club by-laws are available here

Additional Contact Information

You can contact the entire board by e-mailing board@seattlewcswing.org.

Mailing Address:  SSDC, PO Box 16759, Seattle, WA 98116

Board Meetings

Board meetings are usually held once a month, often on the third Sunday of the month prior to the dance at Alki Masonic Hall. Meeting times and location do vary so please check your most recent Pulse email for the current meeting time and location. SSDC members are encouraged to attend, observe and give input. Remember; this is YOUR club and the board is here to serve your needs.

Membership Associations

SSDC is a member of the National Fastdance Association.

Hall of Fame

The SSDC Board of Directors recognizes individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the Seattle West Coast Swing community.  A Seattle Swing Dance Club member may submit a nomination petition with signatures of at least 20% of the membership to the board. Members may be nominated posthumously.  The board must vote on any nominations.

There are no criteria for Hall of Fame members but is up to the board’s discretion to approve a nomination. The board must approve any nomination by a 2/3 majority vote.

Hall of Fame members receive lifetime membership status, including, but not limited to, complimentary yearly membership dues and complimentary admission to dances.

Current Hall of Fame Inductees are: Barbara Wettland, Abel Hewitt, Dean Fisher, Karen Johnston and Terry Lambert

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Hall of Fame, please contact the Membership chair at membershipcommittee@seattlewcswing.org.