Around Town

Around Town:

You can dance West Coast Swing almost every day of the week in Seattle!  Here are a few spots to dance.

There are a lot of other places to dance.  Listed below are several websites that keep updated lists of these dance spots.

Seattle Dance Info is a web page that is updated at least twice weekly by Ron Bolin. He includes pretty much all dance events that he hears about. This will be the most complete listing of dance events around Seattle, as far South as Olympia and North to Bellingham.  He lists events by date, not by dance type.

The Northwest Dance Network has classes and dance events that cover many genres of dance. Their main dance events usually feature live music and varietal dancing.

The Seattle West Coast Swing Dancers Facebook group has a listing of places that hold weekly dances (Doc: “Weekly WCS Dances, Events, Etc…“).


Educational opportunities for WCS:

Sundays:  Seattle Swing Dance Club   China Harbor

Mondays:  SSDC Step-by-Step   DanceWorks Studio   BellTown Dance Studio

Tuesdays:  Century Ballroom

Wednesday:  Harmony Ballroom   Rockin Horse

Thursdays:  China Harbor  Century Ballroom


Saturday:  Kirkland Dance Center

(If you are an instructor doing regular classes and would like to be added to this list, please contact


WCS Regional Clubs and organizations:

Bellingham, WA:  and

Spokane, WA:

Tacoma, WA:

Stanwood, WA:

Tri-Cities, WA:

Vancouver, BC: and

Victoria, BC: and

Portland, OR: and and

Eugene, OR:

Corvallis, OR:

Bend, OR:

Boise, ID:


WCS Events in the Pacific Northwest 

SwingCouver (in Vancouver)  2014:  TBD

Come Rain Come Shine (in Portland) 2014:  TBD

NW Dance Extravaganza (in Seattle) 2014:  TBD

Emeral City Hoedown (in Seattle) 2014:  TBD

Portland Dance Festival (in Portland) 2014:  July 11 – 13 

Bridgetown Swing (in Portland) 2013:  September 19 – 22

Seattle’s Crystal Ball (in Seattle) 2013:  October 5th

Sea to Sky (in Seattle) 2013:  Nov 7 – 11