SSDC Elections – Dec 7th, 2014

Seattle Swing Dance Club
Board of Directors Elections
December 7, 2014


Voting Information

The SSDC Elections for the 2015 Board of Directors will be held on December 7th, 2014. The election will take place at our Sunday dance at the Alki Masonic Lodge in West Seattle. At 7pm, the candidates will be introduced. Ballots will be distributed to members, and voting will continue until 8:30pm. Ballots will be counted and winners announced before the end of the dance.

All executive positions have a term of 1 year. All at-large positions have a 2 year term.

Candidate for President

Scot McKay

I started Country dancing in 2002. I was introduced to West Coast swing at the Beginners Weekend in 2003. 6 years later, West Coast Swing is now my favorite dance, although it is not the only dance I enjoy. As a member of the Seattle Swing Dance Club I feel it is important, and I enjoy dancing with everyone! I clearly remember my early SSDC experiences of being nervous and scared. Everyone seemed soooooooo good and I did not fit in. If I can dance with all members (especially newcomers) they will feel welcome and continue to attend club dances, gain confidence and enjoy the club as I do. A spirit of inclusivity is imperative to the success and longevity of our club!
 Candidate for Vice-President
Diane Lane

I learned ballroom dancing many years ago and thought I knew about WCS until I was introduced to China Harbor’s Thursday night dance. There I discovered contemporary WCS, and fell in love with it! It became my sincere desire to share the joy of dance with new dancers on the dance floor and those standing on the sidelines. As time went on, I found it equally important to spread this joy to others in the community, who were not aware of WCS. To help in this endeavor, I have served on the SSDC board for the past 2 years, with the last year residing as the Publicity chairperson. This has been a great opportunity, and I think, has helped prepare me for the VP position for this upcoming year. My previous experience has included working in the engineering department at a TV station, working at AT&T, and also Boeing. Later, I started my own preschool and daycare because I wanted to be with my children as much as possible during their early years. Then, I started teaching in the school district so I could have the summers off with my kids. It has been a wonderful journey, but now they are on their own, and although I have many hobbies, I’m ready to do other things…like continuing to spread the joy of dance through volunteering on the SSDC board!
 Candidate for Treasurer
Pat Garrett

Pat has been a member of SSDC for about 9 years and has served on the SSDC Board for the last 4 years. She is a Project Manager in the Information Technology sector, working primarily in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail sales, telephony, transportation, and law enforcement industries. She served 8 years on the Board of the Puget Sound Chapter (over 2500 members) of the Project Management Institute, including 3 years as President. In 2008 she also served as President of the Northwest MGT Register, a car club for MGT enthusiasts, and in the past served as the Board President of a private elementary school. As a Project Manager she has been responsible for managing budgets from $25,000 to $2 million. A “volunteer” Board of Directors has its own special set of challenges. Pat offers her experiences as a volunteer Board member and her expertise as a project manager to SSDC to assist with meeting those challenges and helping to continue the growth and improvement of the club.
 Candidate for Secretary
Karen Villamarin

Hello! My name is Karen Villamarin. I have been dancing West Coast Swing for about 4 years now, and The Seattle Swing Dance Club has always been a fun, enjoyable, and informative part of my dance journey. I have served on the Swing Club Board of Directors for the past two years, having had a role as Secretary, Chairman of the Education Committee, participated in the Dance Committee and Membership Committee, as well as having taken part in things like the pre-dance workshops, the newcomers’ event, and I help coordinate the competitions. This year I have accepted the nomination for serving again as the Secretary of the Seattle Swing Dance Club. I love being part of a community and have made so many dear friends through SSDC, and I look forward to giving back! I would love to see our membership increased and our educational programs become more inspiring and helpful than ever, and more importantly, I look forward to serving and preserving our existing membership.
 Candidates for Members At-large
Chris Yeckley

I have been in love with dance all my life. I think my mother had wished she had dancing lessons when she grew up (my beautiful mother could have been a Hollywood Starlet) but instead I was lucky enough to have received lessons in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acrobats from age 4 to age 15. I could have continued on past age 15 but made the silly decision at that time to quit. Later in high school I took beginner ballroom classes and really enjoyed them. I have always taken the opportunity to dance in any venue that presented itself, but in more recent years that was typically “free style” dancing. I was so surprised to discover a large ballroom dance community here in the Seattle in 2009. When I later stumbled upon West Coast SwingI fell in love. WCS has been my passion ever since. I would love to give back to this wonderful dance community through service to the Seattle Swing and Dance Club.
  Jim Vawter
I have been a member of swing club since 1995 had the opportunity to serve on the board as a member at large for a 1 year term.
  Kevin Wright
Hello, my name is Kevin Wright and I have been an active part of the Seattle West Coast Swing Community for the past 9 years.  I have served on the board for the past 6 years and been Vice President for the past 4 years. Due to taking on more responsibilities with the organization of Easter Swing I decided to no longer continue as Vice-President of the SSDC, but I am looking to remain on the board. Thank you and I would your vote.
Karen Sarafin

Hi my name is Karen Sarafin. I have been an SSDC member for several years. I just love to dance, and have enjoyed many of the events and classes the club offers. I have experience with meeting and event planning, and would enjoy bringing that experience to the table to help SSDC continue to grow and evolve. Thank you for your consideration!
Kay Tilton

Dance has been a newer activity in my life, I was lucky to find West Coast Swing about 5 years ago. Dancing has been so much fun and has added so much to my life. I would like to be considered for the board during this special 50th anniversary year and be able to give back to the dance community. During my career as a clinical nurse coordinator I have developed my organizational and people skills. Most importantly I can recognize when help is needed and am able to work hard for a successful outcome. “Live in the stretch.” Works for life and dance. Thanks for the opportunity!


NEW TIMES! – Sunday Workshops and Dances happening later

CALL IT A SYNCOPATION! Starting with our March 2nd Dance, we are changing our workshop and dance times…

Intermediate Workshops: 4:00 & 5:00 PM (used to be 2:45 and 4 PM)
Free Beginning Lesson: 6:00 to 6:30 PM (used to be 5 to 5:30 PM)
SSDC Dance: 6:00 to 10:00 PM (used to be 5 to 9 PM)

We’re still doing them on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Only the times have been changed.