Seattle’s Easter Swing

Seattle’s Easter Swing , Every Year on Easter Weekend!

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The Seattle Swing Dance Club is proud to sponsor one of the nations premier dance conventions – Seattle’s Easter Swing.  Each year on Easter weekend hundreds of West Coast Swing dancers gather from around the world to enjoy workshops, competitions, and social dancing in Seattle.  Seattle’s Easter Swing offers dancers a great weekend with over $20,000 in prizes, a huge ballroom, private lessons, and a hospitality room.   The 2012 event celebrated our fist event at our huge new space at the Hyatt in Bellevue and we loved it!  Don’t delay in purchasing your event tickets. 2011 AND 2012 were sold out events and many tables have already been pre-sold.

Learn about the Birth of Seattle’s Easter Swing:  History of SES by Karen Johnston

Seattle’s Easter Swing 2012 was an amazing event! Do you know why? It’s because of the vibrant and strong Seattle dance community I spoke of last year.  Through the support of the Seattle dancers and the over one hundred volunteers, many of whom put in hours and hours of work over the entire year,  this fantastic event was put on for our guests from around the world. You should be proud, Seattle Westies! I can’t wait to see what you do next year.

Trula Schafer, President, SSDC 2013

Seattle’s Easter Swing 2011 was a huge success! Not only were we a Sold Out event I heard nothing but praise and happiness from our attendees and guest professional staff.  Many told me that SES is their favorite event because of all the little extra’s we offer such as the great volunteer staff, an amazing hospitality suite, on-time competitions, beautiful ballroom decorations, professional program, world-class instructors and elevated level of dancing on the social floor.

All of these things wouldn’t have been possible without the Seattle Swing Dance Club and the Seattle swing dance community and volunteers from all over.  Every single person working at SES is a volunteer.  Every one of you who worked on SES contributed to making it a success. And every one of you is appreciated more than you can know.

On Sunday and Monday when folks from all over the world approached me to let me know about how wonderful our event was I was very proud of my swing club and my dance community.  Thank you for making something very special happen last weekend. You helped build wonderful memories for many people and you also contributed to building a brighter and stronger west coast swing dance community.

On behalf of the Seattle Swing Dance Club, thank you for helping to make SES 2011 one of the best ever.

Trula Schafer, President, SSDC 2011